Wednesday, 29 June 2011

My First but not my Final

I have been told many times that i should start a blog but as many of my friends know im probably one of the strangest but awesomest person they know. Sooooo my thoughts go abit like this- Tinkbell my cat <<< tink for peter pan <<flubber<<awesome green slimey stuff<< beethoven the dog<<twinkies<<hmm i should try i Twinkie. But the only words i say are TINKERBELL hmmm TWINKIE.

 My mum worte about me in her blog today which made me feel awesome and also a little bit special but thats because my mum is awesome so i must be awesome since shes my mum. Still with me ? nah didnt think soo :p but Basically i love my mum<3

Me and my sister bethany made my mum laugh so hard today she coudlnt stop which is always a good sign a sign that even though we have been through so much and even though we maybe living on noddles we can still laugh i think its always important to laugh.

Apparantly it would be a good idea to put my work on hear which i think is a sensible suggestion but i have so much to talk about my mind wouldnt possibly keep quiet with this much freedom to write whatever it thinks :p. So more about me probably Tommorow but some awesome things to come hopefully i can keep up with updating this thing :p Oh and one last thing i cant spell for bubbles so hopefully you will understand what im saying :)

So 1 or 2 photos of my work so far just to keep you intrested :D

Not the mosy usual glass i know but as you can see usual is not really a word to describe me, once you meet me, im like marmite you love me you hate me or you just really cnt decide( the end one is just for me not marmite :P)