Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Memories that have been and memories that are to be.

I havent written in a while which is very bad since i said i would try and do this everyday or maybe a few times a week because a) it would show my family and friends how my mind works and, it would help me to publish my work. So alot of things have happened which sucks but its good at the same time because i have too many things to write about which confuses me so much :s.

Right the begining so last week at some point i added 2 friends from primary school which was about 12 years ago and they look just the way they use to, well the way i remeber them which is crazy but i love finding things that have been lost because it gives you so many memories, not just of the lost objects but of who held it last or what you did with it or even a time of the year like, old pictures in the christmas box from when we where little 

or the memories that come from talking to really old friends. They reminded me of the shirt and tie that i wore at school for about a year and could actually tie it quiet well which was suprising as i remeber the help assistent tying about 10 ties after P.E Every day. And even now recalling that memory it brings up so many its like a photo album with videos or a books that are in my head or a photo from harry potter which moves when your looking it. Im there flicking through them in my mind and just capturing glipses of fires in my back fields at brathwaite (not sure how u spell that :s) and the daffadiles we stole/borrowed from neighbourhood house to place the flowers on other peoples doorsteps. I think our brains are amazing to be able to store so many memories but at last i get to the ones i want ones where we use to chase each other around the playground and do random perforamnces about vampires in our classrooms in year 4.

I also told that same guy today  "if u have a dream, chase it dont let it start to drown :)" If we let our dreams die then all we have are those memories of what happiness was, i hope that the album in my head Becomes full of amazing memories of the things that where just once sticky notes attached to dreams that i said i would do one day, i hope to live an awesome life. See thats the reason why i do photograhpy so that my album becomes more life like more explainable just to capture something that i have seen or have thought about. So my memories and thoughts and dreams are an album with sticky notes like a well formed scrapbook and  piled of ink blotted torn and coffe/hot chocolate stained notepads piling up high in my head.

Oh there is so much more to my week that i want to explain but if i do it all now you all get bored with me so i shall leave some for another time and then maybe i will want to write more. Maybe if we could ever take a photo of those notepads in our brain i think they will go somthing like this :

Childhood: The normal childhood books always start the pile

Then comes the crazy times where you do everything and you want to explore everywhere and under you bed seems like the caves of a lost island deep in the pacific ocens hiding from pirates-

Then comes the thinking of well if i do this or this then things seem to make a lot more sense and colour coding everything well thats what i did im sure parents wish there kids did it more lol but i did it with everything so im sure i have photos somewhere in my mind which look a bit like this-

But after a while it then just looks like this because we hit the teenage years and everything gets so confusing and some how we get deaf or so thats what my mother says :p-
Its having the best looking and making your memories seem the best.

And then its not just simple memories its things we have to remeber and its places we see and have to remeber because we want to go there its not having time to remeber everything just remebering enough to fit on a postcard befor where onto the next boy or the next trend-

And well now i think i have a bit of a problem because mine is starting to look a little like this-

But one day im sure it will look like this and hopefully not just on my head but like it in really life this is the time in life where we realise are memories may get lost or thrown away when our mind gets ready and cleans up ready for what the big wide world has to offer-

But mine may look abit like this-

And we all know all of our memorie albums/books will look a lot like this befor we are done-

I know crazy but i did warn i was :)


  1. I know we are sat across the room from one another but your blog is sooooooo cool :) xx