Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The nature of a thought

Well as i sit here in my quiet and peacful state i think about the blog i just read about my mother taking my advice hmm very strange and maybe will only happen once but heres what advice she took.

She said she took the advice to find inspiration for her blog from what was around her , so today im taking my own advice too so thanks mum for the inspiration to take my own advice.:)

My new house which i moved into 2 days ago doesn't yet have the internet so im writing this blog from the university libaray where i sit and can hear myself typing away because the noise which i can only presume to be the air cons has gone off. I sit here looking out at what i call my home away from home where the harbour is so beautiful, but being attacked by the wind but so amazingly it only makes the water look more intresting. The wind which has been so bad as to nearlly knock me over even when attached to my housemate as we walked across the brige yesturday.

I wrote on my university profile today that im the type of person to watch a spider walk rather then scream at it, im the type of person to paddle in the sea rather then walk next to it which if you know me you would know is true. My life has had  its ups and downs and the advice i give others i should learn to adapt to my own life but my life is what i make it, so i just deal with the fact that yes i may be refered to the crazy redhead and the weird person but thats just me im afraid.

Hmm so what else ah yes the house my new house all creamed walled, with so much potential and with two art students living within it, its so eager with anticipation but sadly we cant write in massives letters on the walls or do elebrate drawings of pots and glass wear. Aww my poor little house dont worry you will hear and see the crazyness so you wont be left out.

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  1. Ha ha amazing you give good advice i see - i think i'll have the hobbit house - thanks x